Friday, October 15, 2010

Worn Out

The video is done, actually everything is done. Just waiting for my husband to come home and make sure the video is in a correct format and such, he is the techie, I'm too nervous to just do it myself. What if after all the effort I screwed it up! Just be patient and wait. Still over 7 hours til the deadline. I haven't been having any of the technical difficulties logging in the the website that many are having, so I'm not really worried.

I expected the video to be difficult. I'm a storyteller, I love to talk, especially about WDW, but to try to convey a good story in 60 is incredibly difficult. Plus I've never liked photos of myself, chubby round face, never flattering. So I just kept looking at the video thinking, do I really look like that or even worse do I sound like that, because it sounds like my MOTHER!!!!. Too bad the camera doesn't take off 10 pounds(20 would be great!). If Disney wanted perfect actresses, they could hire some, heck they have a bunch already working for them. Hoping it's heart they are looking for instead.

My cameraman was my daughter, who was also the subject of the video, she liked it, so I guess that is what is truly important.

Another two weeks of agonizing waiting. This is the round that I don't think I'll get past. My sample itinerary looks good, but I'm sure most of us use something very similar. The essay seemed a little fluffy, I mean we all love the panel or we wouldn't be participating. I think we'll all have great, again similar essays. So that just leaves the video. I'm a good writer and speaker, but the video was just not a great showcase. I look forward to the phone interview, if I make it that far, I feel pretty confident I can do very well. It's just this video. I'm going to try to think I'm out of it, great big surprise if I get to move on.

Think I'll try to take the focus off of the DMP for the next couple weeks, try to catch up on my real life(much of which has gone to the wayside!) and try to quit thinking about it all of the time.

Good Luck to the rest of my fellow round twoers, wish we all could make it.


  1. Teri, I hope you're wrong about how far you go and that you make it all the way -- I can't imagine how stressful doing the video part has been!! I'd have been a MESS. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed and sending loads of pixie dust your way...

  2. Teri,
    I'm with you-video done. It's in their hands now. And my house is a neglected wreck!
    Video does add pounds-made me look pregnant! Guess I should have changed shirts or something.
    Anyway, good luck-hope we can be on the panel together!

  3. Thanks you two for the support. I'm usually such a confident person, that this was very unsettling. Great having people supporting you! Sherry all the best, hope to see you in Orlando. Blythe next year!