Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day One Again!

Still hasn't sunk in that I might actually have a chance, I've been telling myself for the past three weeks that there is just no way I could make the cut to round two when there are 20,000 applicants! Today feels like starting over, but now the stakes are much higher. The odds are better, probably not significantly, now something like ten of us will make it out of several hundred, I've heard 200, but then 500. Either number is still pretty daunting.

Do you think that this was all some semi-random draw from a hat? People are saying that on the Dis, I'm hoping that I actually exhibited some skills, or else the next round will end quickly for me.

Last year when I didn't make it beyond round one, I soooo wanted to read what a winning essay looked like. Nobody posted theirs, probably afraid the Disney police would find out and  they would be banned from DMP!  I believe in a kind and gentle Disney, so here are my responses:

Question One:

High school graduation is a time of intense emotions, both happy and sad, beginning and ending. Where to celebrate all of our mixed emotions? Go to our favorite place on earth, WDW of course! Three generations of family celebrated my eldest mouseketeer’s accomplishments with an 8 day WDW trip in May 2010.
I am an industry of one!   As a SAHM to two teens, except the envy of family and friends and increased hits to my blog, I have little potential impact either positively or negatively.
False. Beautiful 1.24 mile World Showcase Lagoon is home to eleven countries. Too easy!
Question Two:
A”veteran” of two trips to WDW in 1998, with a toddler, kindergartner and grandmother, I felt confident dispensing advice to a mom in my daughter’s class! Ten trips later my advice would still be the same:
Stay at WDW resorts to take advantage of the many perks available to guests.
Arrive at parks 1/2 hour before opening with a basic plan of “must see” in place.  This will ensure the most enjoyment, least frustration on even the busiest day.
Relax during the busy times. Enjoy the magic. It’s everywhere!  Slow down and look around.
Remember, wishes do come true!

Question Three:
Information is the key to a successful WDW trip. Sources include:
Information from the heart.  Experiences from our multigenerational annual trips provide a unique perspective on many trip planning questions.
 Information from the web.   Extensive, diverse online resources including official websites, travel agents, fan-based forums, Facebook, commercial and personal blogs, Twitter, etc. are available at the touch of a key.
Information from literature.  An avid reader, I own over 25 current guidebooks. All are well loved and used, covering the facts, but also the fun.
Information from Cast Members:  A well trained professional is only a call away at 1-407-WDISNEY.

I have no idea if they are really any good, and even if they are, next year they will change what they are looking for!
I've read people's post on the Dis that they have already taped their video, typed up everything and hit the submit button! That would be a whole lot easier, but there is no possibility that I could go that route. I couldn't even sleep last night, just kept waking up and thinking of what to say! So far today I have worried about my hair, my weight and the likelihood that the video camera works! Plus there is some question on which video formats are acceptable, what????? I know about WDW not MP4 vs.MPG(hey isn't that gas mileage?). I have at least worked up the required sample trip itinerary, looks really good, at least I am confident in my WDW planning abilities. Started working on the new essay, and am trying to pick from dozens of favorite memories for the video. At least the multiple choice questions were easy, I was always good at those ;). I will no doubt use up almost all of my allotted time, Friday night at 11:59 EST. I'm in the mountain time zone so I already lost 2 hours!

Better get to working! Thanks to everyone for the support!


  1. I'm a new follower! (and a LOVER of Disney) I must ask..what sort of contest are you entering? I'm intrigued! keep up the Disney posts..cannot wait to go back :)


  2. The contest is for the Disney Mom's Panel. If you go to the official WDW site and search for it, you'll see what it is all about. You don't really have to be a mom, you can be a dad or a single. Once a year they have a contest for new panelists, kind of a dream job for Disney Dreamers!

  3. I just wanted to say congrats to making it to round two!!! And good luck!! :)